Ways of Getting a Bigger Dick in Your Pants

Women love big dicksYou know how important a big bulge is for every sexually active man. It’s something many are striving day and night to achieve. Having a small dick is one of the biggest causes of low self esteem in men. In fact, some end up in depression over sarcastic comments they get from their partners.
Having a bigger dick comes with numerous advantages. You’ll be able to give your girl multiple orgasms in just one session. This will make you confident about yourself. Furthermore, you will look good in any type of outfit.

Is there hope for men with small dicks? Oh yes, there is. However, this entirely depends on your hard work and determination. If you weren’t born “blessed”, you’ll just have to grab the “blessings” by force.

Now, the question is, “Is it really possible to get a big and thick dick?” Of course it’s very possible. The following are some effective ways of how to make your bulge bigger and floss around the beach comfortably.

1. Using supplements

There are several supplements that are very effective in enlarging the penis size. Good news is that they are all natural and you shouldn’t worry about being affected negatively. Some supplements come in form of pills while others are just creams that you apply on the shaft of your dick. With time, it grows to the size you’ve always wished to have.

Most of them work by increasing the rate of blood flow to the penis. Others promote faster growth of tissues, making the penis to grow big. The truth is that penis enlargement supplements work magic. They actually work faster and are safer compared to other methods.

2. Penile exercises

Exercising is a sure way of building muscles in your body. Your dick is also part of you and it deserves some exercise to grow in length and girth. Jelqing is a common exercise that involves your hand to make your dick grow. This is how to jelq.
• Make an OK sign by attaching the tips of your thumb and index finger together.
• Hold the base of your shaft and move your hand forward as if you’re pulling your dick in front.
• Make back and forth movements between the base and the neck of the shaft using your hand.
• Make sure you use some lotion or recommended lubricants to avoid hurting yourself.
• Don’t exert a lot of pressure on the shaft.

This exercise helps in drawing blood into the dick and hence making it bulge. Regular and long-term jelqing results in a bigger and thicker dick that you’ll keep admiring.

3. Diet

Did you know that diet actually controls all aspects of body health? Well, this is a fact; be it skin, sleep, weight loss, weight gain, bones, teeth, sexual urge, and many more. Now, dick size is also on the list.

What you eat can greatly affect the size of your dick; either positively or negatively. Have you ever noticed men from a certain community having smaller dick sizes and others having bigger ones? It’s all about what they mostly feed on.
Protein-rich foods are good for building muscles. Vegetables and fruits are also healthy foods that prevent illnesses. The following are what you should incorporate in your diet for a bigger dick. They include fish, pasta, spinach, broccoli, liver, milk, brown bread, and eggs among others. Beverages like green and black tea are also awesome.

4. Working out

When it comes to dick size growth, there are two exercises that will help you. These are penile exercises and full-body workouts.

Have you ever spotted an overweight guy in a porn movie? This rarely happens. Having excess fats can damage the shape of your body. Too much fat in the abdomen make the dick appear smaller and shorter than it actually is.
Some fats also get deposited on the dick shaft, making it have very weak erections. An erection is maintained by full blood vessels and strong penis muscles.

Working out regularly will help you burn excess fats and get some nice sexy six pack abs on your abdomen. Your dick size will then grow automatically. A well-shaped body gets a bigger dick as a bonus. This is why you should hit the gym, burn those fats, and build strong muscles. You will enjoy the results with time.



Women love bigger dicks. They are an automatic turn-on. Even gay guys like to see big bulges in pants. That’s why you should stop feeling sorry for yourself, putting on baggy jeans, and avoiding public swimming pools. Take the matter in to your hands and you will achieve the gem with time. Following these simple procedures will have you floss in tight jeans and attract all the girls around.