How to lick pussy? 3 tongue techniques that will make you a cunnilingus pro

Cunnilingus, or otherwise famously known as pussy leaking or eating out has become ritual in every sex encounter. It is the most reliable way to make your woman cum. It is cool and most women like, but do you know what isn’t cool about it—getting it all wrong!

Most men don’t know what they are doing, how or where to find the clitoris. Even if you can pin point it, what next? This article is here to ensure you’ll never struggle again. The three methods below elaborate on how to lick your girl’s pussy leaving her wanting more.

Technique No. 1

This is the most fundamental pussy licking technique. Try this method first because it forms the basics, though simple, your girl is guaranteed to cum. A little foreplay is important to warm her up. Slowly and gently, move your tongue on her belly downwards. Build up tension as you approach her public by increasing the tongue pressure. Slide so slowly as you approach the rosy(clit). Make small circular shape on the clit putting minimum pressure as possible. Keep it steady, rhythmic and slow unless she tells you to speed up. Occasionally, flip the clit’s hood but remember to be gentle as the clit is too sensitive. If she likes the combination, don’t stop. Pleasure will come as a result of the circular motion, be focused on that an ultimately she’ll cum.

Technique No. 2

This method is simple and effective just like the previous one. All you will be required to do is lick the clit from left to right and back with soft, smooth and rhythmic strokes. Don’t rush as the rhythm is the key if you want your partner to come. Be sure not to stop midway or you will ruin the whole thing.

Technique No. 3

This technique is useful as it ensures you touch all the nerves that form the clitoris. It is purposely reserved when she is super aroused, and she is nearing orgasm. Starting with the clitoris, lick downward until you reach where the labia end. Move upward slowly. Repeat these movements again and again. Unlike the previous two, this technique requires moderate pressure to generate pleasure. Just like a mechanic, listen her groans and moderate the pressure accordingly.

You can combine the three techniques all at a go to give her the orgasm of her life. It takes patience and practice mastering all the three. Don’t feel intimidated on the first day. Have the following basics at your fingertips.
Use wide open tongue strokes as sharp tongue will definitely hurt her.

You have the option of sucking the clit. First open the hood to get a better grip on it. Use your first finger to move aside the hood.

Being steady, rhythmic and consistent are the secrets of a successful orgasm and squirting.

Use your fingers, a sex toy or ask her to use hers. Most find it pleasurable. You can use a lube, but she sure will be soaking wet by then.

This is all you will need to be a pro. It’s a cool technique to add to your magazine if you want to leave a legacy. Avoid the myths like saying alphabets from A to Z, instead focus on the circular, left right and up down motions. Remember to put less pressure, sure you don’t want to damage the tip that connects more than 6,000 nerves!