Jean Beltran’s Valuable Sexuality Expert Advice

Jean Beltran is an expert in sexuality. She is a professional sexologist and also has a diploma in sex and relationship psychotherapy. Jean has been widely consulted and has also publishes numerous articles relating to sexuality in both local and International journals and newspapers. Below are some of the sensitive topics he has worked on.

Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction has been a thorny issue in many marriages. Jean Beltran argues that sex is meant to keep and stick couples together. He continues that if sex is not handled properly, the consequences can be severe and painful. These consequences are unfaithfulness, suspicion, and tension in relationship, divorce and even worst suicide. He gives the following tips as to how well sex should be resulting to orgasm by both the partners. He also outlines the do and don’t of sex.

Stop talking and concentrate

Many partners bother themselves with satisfying their lovers when making love. Jean reasons that this causes unnecessary interruption and loss of concentration. If partners can pay attention and concentrate, the end result can be better than what they are used to.

Give it all

The saying goes give and you shall receive. Partners should to stop hiding in their cocoons and think that their mates will guess and do exactly what they want. Jean points out that the logic is if you do something to your partner she’s more likely to reciprocate.


Action speaks louder than a word is the key word here. Observing your partner keenly during the intercourse can shed light as to whether she is enjoying or not. The sexologist Jean Beltran reasons that if the girl is making a forced face, then know that she is doing it to please you. But if she mumbles words and looks as if she’s fainted then know that your work is being appreciated.


Invite the power of battery into your bed. Investing in a vibrator sounds wiser and better than sexually starving your partner or loosing her to top performers.


This is known as an ego booster. Flirting has been known to ensure better performance. Jean reasons that the confidence that results from flirting makes one feel attractive. The more attractive one feels the better the sexual performance will be.

Tongue power

Don’t under rate the power of the tongue. This however should be done with some formula. Flatten your tongue and assume that you are licking an ice cream. The tongue should cover much surface area as possible. Do this first up and down and then sideways and it wouldn’t be long before she sobs like a baby.

Avoid sex mistakes

Jean Beltran also points that the sex mistakes needs to be avoided.
· Don’t assume to know what your partner wants. Ask or allow you’re self to be guided.
· Ensure you employ both physical and mental stimulation. Remember that men got stirred up by seeing while women fantasize very much to be aroused.
· Men should learn to be patient and take it easy. Men may get aroused in a flash of a second where as for women these needs to be a well rehearsed and planned event. Prepare her by kissing tenderly, holding hands and hugging her along the way.

Jean Beltran an expert in sexuality also deals with the following sex related issues.
· Impotence
· Prior and Post menopause stress
· Erectile dysfunction
· Infertility