3 Tips on How to be Better in Bed

For some men giving a woman a single orgasm is cause for celebration, especially if you can bring her to ecstasy within 15 minutes, but for some it is the order of the day. And any lady who can cum once can perhaps cross the line again and again. So what really makes the difference? It is biological gift-Men have to wait for a while for their guns to reload before they are ready for the next round, but women do not experience the same refractory period, they can experience their 2nd pleasure wave in less than a minute after the 1st one. However, just because she can orgasm once or twice, it does not mean she will automatically. You have to help her do it. So how do you help your woman become one of the few lucky ones?

First ensure that is what she really wants. Some women prefer cuddling rather than being pressured into a sex encore. Secondly, keep in mind that ladies differ on how they achieve orgasm. So even though there is no single road map, give a shot these tips on making a girl cum and orgasm hard and enhance your chances of doubling her pleasure wave.

3 Tips on How to Be Better in Bed

  1. Create Sexual Tension

Creating desire is an important precursor to any intimate activity. But building up lots and lots of sexual tension can just be what she really needs to achieve an orgasm. It is just like when you have been hungry for some hours and when you finally get food, you eagerly scoff it down. This will make her build and retain feelings of overall arousal and sex. So try teasing her often and early enough before the actual act. Send her naughty messages, engage in PDA’s or cop a feel under the dining table when taking dinner. By the time you two get to bed for fun, she will be extremely hungry. And remember not to overwork her nipples when you finally get down on her. Of course touching a woman’s breasts is obviously a good thing during sex, but just ensure you are doing it correctly. Do not head for her nipples immediately you start romancing. Just like the clit, the nipple loves attention and is very sensitive, but you do not want to over touch it. Instead concentrate on the top of her breast, just above the nipple. Then the bottom, sides, and ultimately her nipples. Most guys do not actually know that the top is usually the most sensitive part of a breast. So caress it, nibble it and lick it.

  1. Heat Things Up

Of course most guys know that they should indulge in foreplay first before the actual act, but not everyone knows what foreplay really is. Going straight for her clit is not foreplay, in fact most women prefer being aroused before you head there. So before you guys strip down and get to serious business, utilize your time properly. Caress her first and help each other strip. Kiss and explore each other’s sensitive parts of the body like her ears, inner thighs and neck. When women are aroused, their bodies actually change the way they feel a touch. So your lady is likely to get more pleasure and ecstasy from your touch if you warm her up first (Read: Revealed Lick Pussy Like a Sex God!).

  1. Compliment Her Goods and Go Beyond Her Clit

Studies have shown that ladies who are comfortable with their private parts, are not only more open to receiving oral pleasures, but they enjoy it more, orgasm more and they are just sexually positive all round. So next time you are going down on a girl talk to her, tell how sexy she looks, how nicely she tastes and feels. Whatever positive thing you say, it will benefit the game in the long run. Additionally, do not focus solemnly on her clitoris. For guys who are looking to go beyond and above, the anterior frontal zone (AFE) and the G-spot are the best places to begin. You can locate her G-spot a few inches inside her pussy, on the front wall. The Anterior fontal zone is also on the front wall (the belly button side) but a few inches behind her G-spot. Even though there is no scientific study to prove that the AFE are exists, it does not mean that it is not fun and pleasurable for some women. So for those who are looking for an important tip on making a girl squirt cum, and want to score some brownie points, your best shot for locating her hot zone, would be deep penetration sexual positions and deep fingering.