3 Techniques to Cum Twice for Men

Is it possible for a man to cum twice? Definitely, the answer is yes. Though the majority of men will say this is a big lie. They argue that one will need about 30 minutes before they can recharge, while others suggest you take a week off so as to become super sensitive.

All these may work depending on how you have trained your body. Unfortunately, this will not give you the liberty to get it when you want it. As we earlier said, men, will require approximately 30 minutes to get recharged. This is very long considering that women don’t need this break and want you inside almost immediately. At this moment, you will definitely not want to embarrass yourself as a man. So before you get yourself in such a scenario, read and understand this article to the end.

Techniques to cum twice

There is only one powerful method that can help you to cum twice. This method is called a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Having to practice this method is the worst experience that you can imagine, but the fruits are sweet. This method requires one to have a continuous sexual act without ejaculating, this is achieved by holding back the cum once you feel it’s on the way. This will, therefore, eliminate the refractory period. Below are 3 techniques that will help you see the fruits of this method.

1. Practice kegel exercise
This exercise is not only for women, but can also be used by men to hold ejaculation. Here, you will need to find your pubococcygeal muscle which you will use for practice. This is the muscle that can hold the pee halfway. Once you locate it, contract and hold them for about 5 seconds, do this about 10 times a day.

2. Test yourself
After doing the Kegel exercise for a while, you will need to test yourself simply by masturbating. Be keen while doing this and once you feel you are about to cum hard, just contract the pubococcygeal muscle for about 5 seconds before you can relax. Try this severally until you feel that your power of holding back is working. This process can be disappointing at first, but with time you will be able to master this technique.

3. Practice with your wife/girlfriend
Come up with a creative excuse of why you want to do this. Tell her you have found a new skill that will give a better service, or even get a one night stand and try this out. This will be a great way to start your real experience. Fuck her hard, but remember to contract your muscle when about to cum to hold it back. Cum twice (hold back twice) before you can decide to release the prisoner, this will be good for both of you.

Final thought
Learning these 3 techniques will ensure that you have a healthier and lovely sex life with your partner. Keep in mind that you will require a lot of practice before you can complete hold back the cum and start afresh. This is a proven method that has worked for many.