Ways of Getting a Bigger Dick in Your Pants

Women love big dicksYou know how important a big bulge is for every sexually active man. It’s something many are striving day and night to achieve. Having a small dick is one of the biggest causes of low self esteem in men. In fact, some end up in depression over sarcastic comments they get from their partners.
Having a bigger dick comes with numerous advantages. You’ll be able to give your girl multiple orgasms in just one session. This will make you confident about yourself. Furthermore, you will look good in any type of outfit.

Is there hope for men with small dicks? Oh yes, there is. However, this entirely depends on your hard work and determination. If you weren’t born “blessed”, you’ll just have to grab the “blessings” by force.

Now, the question is, “Is it really possible to get a big and thick dick?” Of course it’s very possible. The following are some effective ways of how to make your bulge bigger and floss around the beach comfortably.

1. Using supplements

There are several supplements that are very effective in enlarging the penis size. Good news is that they are all natural and you shouldn’t worry about being affected negatively. Some supplements come in form of pills while others are just creams that you apply on the shaft of your dick. With time, it grows to the size you’ve always wished to have.

Most of them work by increasing the rate of blood flow to the penis. Others promote faster growth of tissues, making the penis to grow big. The truth is that penis enlargement supplements work magic. They actually work faster and are safer compared to other methods.

2. Penile exercises

Exercising is a sure way of building muscles in your body. Your dick is also part of you and it deserves some exercise to grow in length and girth. Jelqing is a common exercise that involves your hand to make your dick grow. This is how to jelq.
• Make an OK sign by attaching the tips of your thumb and index finger together.
• Hold the base of your shaft and move your hand forward as if you’re pulling your dick in front.
• Make back and forth movements between the base and the neck of the shaft using your hand.
• Make sure you use some lotion or recommended lubricants to avoid hurting yourself.
• Don’t exert a lot of pressure on the shaft.

This exercise helps in drawing blood into the dick and hence making it bulge. Regular and long-term jelqing results in a bigger and thicker dick that you’ll keep admiring.

3. Diet

Did you know that diet actually controls all aspects of body health? Well, this is a fact; be it skin, sleep, weight loss, weight gain, bones, teeth, sexual urge, and many more. Now, dick size is also on the list.

What you eat can greatly affect the size of your dick; either positively or negatively. Have you ever noticed men from a certain community having smaller dick sizes and others having bigger ones? It’s all about what they mostly feed on.
Protein-rich foods are good for building muscles. Vegetables and fruits are also healthy foods that prevent illnesses. The following are what you should incorporate in your diet for a bigger dick. They include fish, pasta, spinach, broccoli, liver, milk, brown bread, and eggs among others. Beverages like green and black tea are also awesome.

4. Working out

When it comes to dick size growth, there are two exercises that will help you. These are penile exercises and full-body workouts.

Have you ever spotted an overweight guy in a porn movie? This rarely happens. Having excess fats can damage the shape of your body. Too much fat in the abdomen make the dick appear smaller and shorter than it actually is.
Some fats also get deposited on the dick shaft, making it have very weak erections. An erection is maintained by full blood vessels and strong penis muscles.

Working out regularly will help you burn excess fats and get some nice sexy six pack abs on your abdomen. Your dick size will then grow automatically. A well-shaped body gets a bigger dick as a bonus. This is why you should hit the gym, burn those fats, and build strong muscles. You will enjoy the results with time.



Women love bigger dicks. They are an automatic turn-on. Even gay guys like to see big bulges in pants. That’s why you should stop feeling sorry for yourself, putting on baggy jeans, and avoiding public swimming pools. Take the matter in to your hands and you will achieve the gem with time. Following these simple procedures will have you floss in tight jeans and attract all the girls around.

Longer and Harder Ejaculation with these Simple Tips

ejaculate moreEjaculation in men is highly associated with climax. The experience of explosive orgasms is undoubtedly the highlight of every successful sexual encounter. Nowadays, there are lots of men who suffer from a decreased ejaculation level. The reasons vary a lot and depend on the special characteristics of each individual, as well as on general issues, like age, lifestyle, and environment.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways, which are mostly associated with food consumption and supplementary uptake that can really help you have longer and harder ejaculations.

Change your daily habits

There are many daily habits that can affect a lot your capability to ejaculate with a sufficient amount of semen volume. To start with, you should avoid wearing tight underwear. The increased scrotal temperature has a negative impact on the volume of semen and sperm.
Men are also, advised to avoid sitting with their legs crossed. The reason has a lot to do with the scrotal temperature we mentioned beforehand. This specific posture can increase the body’s temperature and make it more difficult for men to ejaculate with a sufficient semen volume.
We should not forget that exercising plays an important role in every health issue, as well. When we talk about ejaculation, it is important that we exercise a particular group of muscles, the so-called PC muscles. Performing proper Kegel exercises regularly will make a big difference in your prostate health, your ability to avoid premature ejaculation and it’ll increase your semen levels, as well.
What about food consumption?
Leading a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food consumption is an important factor in every health issue. The same applies to your attempt to increase your ejaculation properties. What are the natural ingredients you should consume to achieve such a thing quickly?
Well, to start with, it is vital that you consume a variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Particularly those foods that are rich in antioxidants, can really perform miracles when we talk about ejaculation. Apples, red beans, coconuts, prunes, as well as different types of berries, including blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries should become part of your daily eating routine.

Are there any natural ingredients that affect ejaculation?

There is a variety of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients that affect a lot the amount of semen a man produces. Most of those ingredients exist in natural products. L-arginine and L-carnitine play an important role in prolonged ejaculation and they can be found in sufficient quantities in red meat, poultry, tuna, and grains.
Essential amino acids and the vital zinc nutrient are found in nuts, grains, and vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, and asparagus.
Apart from those foods, we should not forget the benefits of water. Drinking a sufficient quantity of water daily is not only beneficial for your overall health, but it can also, detoxify your body from harmful substances that have a negative impact on semen production. Water can also, protect your body from dehydration, a condition that can really affect the man’s ability to ejaculate.

Can supplements help, as well?

Following a proper eating habit on a daily basis and receiving all of the necessary nutrients is not always that easy. Fortunately, there are some supplements that can help users who suffer from decreased ejaculation. You should always choose supplements that consist of natural compounds and that are safe. Two of the most important supplements nowadays are the Semenax and Volume Pills.

How can the Semenax help in ejaculating more?

The key to Semenax’s success lies in the optimal combination of ingredients it is made of. Apart from some vital amino acids and nutrients, including zinc oxide and L-carnitine, Semenax consists of Swedish Flower, Muira Puama, Pine Bark Extract, and Hawthorne, as well.
All of these ingredients are specialized in increasing testosterone levels and the volume of semen you deliver.

What about Volume Pills?

Another well-known supplement in the field of semen enhancing is the so-called Volume Pills formula. Those pills have an overall positive effect on the man’s reproductive system and they can help you in the ejaculation process by making your body pump out more semen.
The herbal ingredients they consist of, including Drilizen, Solidin, Ku Gua, Rou Gui, Xian Mao, and Zinc Oxide are all capable of enhancing sexual health and intensify your erections.

How to lick pussy? 3 tongue techniques that will make you a cunnilingus pro

Cunnilingus, or otherwise famously known as pussy leaking or eating out has become ritual in every sex encounter. It is the most reliable way to make your woman cum. It is cool and most women like, but do you know what isn’t cool about it—getting it all wrong!

Most men don’t know what they are doing, how or where to find the clitoris. Even if you can pin point it, what next? This article is here to ensure you’ll never struggle again. The three methods below elaborate on how to lick your girl’s pussy leaving her wanting more.

Technique No. 1

This is the most fundamental pussy licking technique. Try this method first because it forms the basics, though simple, your girl is guaranteed to cum. A little foreplay is important to warm her up. Slowly and gently, move your tongue on her belly downwards. Build up tension as you approach her public by increasing the tongue pressure. Slide so slowly as you approach the rosy(clit). Make small circular shape on the clit putting minimum pressure as possible. Keep it steady, rhythmic and slow unless she tells you to speed up. Occasionally, flip the clit’s hood but remember to be gentle as the clit is too sensitive. If she likes the combination, don’t stop. Pleasure will come as a result of the circular motion, be focused on that an ultimately she’ll cum.

Technique No. 2

This method is simple and effective just like the previous one. All you will be required to do is lick the clit from left to right and back with soft, smooth and rhythmic strokes. Don’t rush as the rhythm is the key if you want your partner to come. Be sure not to stop midway or you will ruin the whole thing.

Technique No. 3

This technique is useful as it ensures you touch all the nerves that form the clitoris. It is purposely reserved when she is super aroused, and she is nearing orgasm. Starting with the clitoris, lick downward until you reach where the labia end. Move upward slowly. Repeat these movements again and again. Unlike the previous two, this technique requires moderate pressure to generate pleasure. Just like a mechanic, listen her groans and moderate the pressure accordingly.

You can combine the three techniques all at a go to give her the orgasm of her life. It takes patience and practice mastering all the three. Don’t feel intimidated on the first day. Have the following basics at your fingertips.
Use wide open tongue strokes as sharp tongue will definitely hurt her.

You have the option of sucking the clit. First open the hood to get a better grip on it. Use your first finger to move aside the hood.

Being steady, rhythmic and consistent are the secrets of a successful orgasm and squirting.

Use your fingers, a sex toy or ask her to use hers. Most find it pleasurable. You can use a lube, but she sure will be soaking wet by then.

This is all you will need to be a pro. It’s a cool technique to add to your magazine if you want to leave a legacy. Avoid the myths like saying alphabets from A to Z, instead focus on the circular, left right and up down motions. Remember to put less pressure, sure you don’t want to damage the tip that connects more than 6,000 nerves!

Why Semenax is the Best Semen Enhancer Supplement in the Market?

Yeah, you are worried and you feel scared, ashamed and incapable. A bad situation to be in especially if there is little you can do about it. Your sperm count is low, you can’t perform in bed and truth be told, your lady is only there because she hasn’t found a better man. Please don’t talk of love, love itself is based on sex and when the sex dies, the love dies. It’s time you did something.

Other sexual enhancement pills have failed and you are wondering what else to try. Well, all hope is not lost, for there is something else you have not tried. Semenax pills are the ultimate solution that will help avert your impending disaster. Semenax pills are the best cum spills specially made with natural active ingredients that not only increase your sperm count but elevate your overall sex life like never before.
Before you welcome any doubts, it is important for you to know that male porn stars use the Semenax pills to boost their sexual stamina, erectile strength and semen volume. Aren’t these the guys who have done a good job of successfully convincing you that you aren’t any better? Now you know the secret behind their impressive sexual performance.

A Look at Semenax and Why You Need It

Semenax is a combination of natural ingredients that are meant to increase sperm count and boost your overall sexual strength. Semenax pills are also the best cum pills available in the market and they have been reputed to give impressive results.
You need Semenax because your lady needs you to resume back to your duties. She also needs you to ejaculate in her the adequate amounts of sperms that she deserves. More so, you also have the responsibility to satisfy your lady sexually and make her feel you inside her like never before. If you can’t achieve that, then you need Semenax.
Semenax works best because it’s comprehensively made with active natural ingredients that strengthen your orgasmic muscles and boost your semen fluids.
Your sex muscles strengthened by Semenax include:
1. The Perineum.
2. Ejaculatory ducts.
3. The Rectum.
4. The pubococcygeus.
5. The anal sphincter.
6. The muscles around your penis.
The ingredients in the Semenax cum pills strengthen your orgasmic muscles which helps you perform better sexually and enjoy orgasms. In addition to your sperm count, the ingredients in Semenax cum pills help increase the following semen fluids.
1. The seminal vesicles fluid.
2. The seminal plasma.
3. The prostate gland fluid.
4. The Bulbourethral gland fluid.
By strengthening your orgasmic muscles and increasing your sperm count as well as your semen fluids, you get the stamina required to keep ramming your shaft deep into your lady until she’s had enough. And when she’s had enough, you will have the right amounts of cum to make her scream your name. By combining the sexual stamina, erectile strength and the massive loads you get from Semenax pills, you lady just can’t have enough.

The Natural Ingredients that Make Up Semenax

1. The Swedish flower that boots overall prostate health for better semen production.
2. Zinc Aspartate and oxide that contribute to semen production. Studies show that zinc is the best nutrient for the improvement of sperm quality and quantity.
3. The L-arginine amino acid that increases semen production.
4. The L- lysine amino acid that when combined with zinc boosts your testosterone levels for an increase in sperm production and semen volume.
5. The L-carnitine amino acid that facilitates sperm motility.
6. Epimedium Sagittatum that facilitates blood circulation for stronger erections.
7. The Hawthorne herb that also boosts blood circulation for stronger erections.
8. The Muira Pauma herb that improves erections and boosts libido.
9. Maca enhances sexual strength and helps maintain stronger erections.
10. The Pine bark extract that increases the levels of nitric acid in the body for long quality erections.
11. Pumpkin seeds that boost overall prostate health and sexual performance.

Semenax Vs erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Semenax is the ultimate male enhancement product that works for the best results. In fact, you will realize a significant increase in your sperm count after some time of using Semenax. Sooner than later, you will be ejaculating heavy loads of cum that your lady will love. However, the results to expect in extreme cases of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may vary depending on the individual. Some men experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have reported significant improvements while others have had below their expected results.
Semenax is designed to increase sperm count and boost overall sex stamina. That’s why it’s curative properties regarding erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculations vary.

The Semenax money back guarantee

For quality assurance, Semenax comes with a two months and one week money guarantee when you buy it from its original website. Irrespective of your problem, when you use Semenax and you get unsatisfying results, you are assured of a full refund of your money. However, this money back guarantee remains valid if only you buy Semenax from its original website.

Semenax benefits ad side effects

The 120 pills contained in the Semenax bottle are made of purely natural ingredients. These capsules are to be taken in the order of two in the morning and another two in the evening. The results of Semenax are noticed almost immediately, but for maximum results, you will have to wait for Semenax to fully build up in your system.
As previously said, Semen is made of purely natural sexual enhancement ingredients that have no side effects. Continued use of Semenax is recommended for permanent results.

Where to buy Semenax

For quality purposes, it is a requirement that you buy Semenax only from its original website. To eliminate the chances of compromise of quality, the manufactures of Semenax took it upon themselves to sell Semenax. You can order Semenax from wherever you are and you will have it conveniently delivered to you.
The Objectives of Semenax
The Objective of Semenax is to boost your sperm count, increase your semen levels and overall sex performance. With Semenax you won’t have to feel any less of a man anymore for it targets the tools that precisely define your manhood.
Pros of Semenax
1. Made of purely natural ingredients.
2. Medically proven to increase sperm count and overall sex performance.
3. No side effects.
1. Semenax must be used patiently and consistently for maximum results.
As is evident with this review, Semenax is the best male enhancement product that assures you the best results. Furthermore, you can keep using Semenax with the confidence that there will be no side effects but just better orgasms and heavier loads of cum.

Shoot Ropes Review: Naturally Increase Your Sperm Count

Have you ever experienced bad sex? If yes; this is the place to find out why it happened. Now, low sperm count can greatly mess up your sex life as a man. Your self-esteem risks getting lowered in just one session. This can even be worse if you are having a new partner for the first time.

There are many factors that contribute to low sperm count and hence, pathetic sexual performance. These include poor diet, lack of exercise, excess alcohol, mental disorders, stress and anxiety, and a generally poor lifestyle. There are so many offers in the market that promise to revive your sex life. Most vendors sell pills that purportedly work very fast to increase your sperm count. You may have used them severally without breaking through. Do you need a new and surest deal that won’t disappoint? Stay tuned.

Shoot ropes are there to help you have strong and long-lasting erections. They also increase your semen and you will get to offload loads of them until your partner stares at you with disbelief. Harder erections are all you need to make her experience body-shaking and breathtaking orgasms. You can still prove yourself as a strong and able performer even if your little man once failed you at work.

So, What is Shoot Ropes?

Well, Shoot Ropes is a program aimed at loading your little gun fully so you don’t have to shoot blanks. Forget the supplements and pills sold on the streets with false promises of improving your sex life. Most of them are made of commercial products that may end up ruining your body and not working at all.

Shoot Ropes is the real deal. You want to go natural? This is the only place to be. Let’s do this.

David McLaren’s Experience

This is a guy who was once in your position. He couldn’t manage to rise up to the occasion whenever he wanted to make love. In case he was lucky to get an erection, it would be weak and shamelessly flabby. His ejaculations would come in just a few seconds. Oh no!!

Can you feel this? Are you in that position right now? 

McLaren experienced humiliations from his partner; one after the other. One day, her partner just burst out in a loud laugh after he witnessed him ejaculate. This was too much for him and he just decided enough is enough.
With previous embarrassments and a strong motivation to get things better, McLaren set off for a journey to find a permanent solution. He consulted porn guys and inquired how they managed their prowess in lasting long and maintaining firm erections.

He tested all possible solutions after consulting experts and recorded results after every session. Guess what; the successful tips are what form Shoot Ropes. McLaren compiled methods and tips of helping men naturally increase their sperm count, increase their sexual desire, get firmer and long-lasting erections, and giving earth-shattering orgasms.

What does Shoot Ropes entail?

This program has five main parts. You can also enjoy two bonuses.
• Super diets that increases your libido and gets you loads of semen. This is a porn star’s secret diet. You will also get to know what foods to avoid.
• Genuine and proven methods to increase your sperm count, sexual desire, firmer erections, and breath-taking orgasms.
• Recommendations of the best and effective supplements that produce long-lasting results with no health effects.
• Lifestyle tips that will increase your testosterone levels, burn your body fats, and build muscles. They are all natural and no injections or creams are involved.
• 12 awesome hints for firmer and long-lasting erections for great orgasms. You get to learn how to control your orgasm using practical methods used in the porn industry.

What Bonuses do you get to enjoy?

• An awesome porn star’s smoothie recipe. It contains up to nine ingredients that form a new and more effective version of McLaren. This smoothie boosts erection strength and increase semen quantity in an hour. You can take it one hour prior to making love.
• Hints to get your loads tasting sweet. The food you eat determines how your semen will taste like. Your woman will definitely like a taste that satisfies her cravings. You will get to know what to eat and what to avoid.

Shoot Ropes pros and cons

• The techniques are proven and they give quick results
• It is very easy to understand since it is written simply
• It has great reviews
• You can access it as an e-book
• You can get a refund of your money in case it doesn’t work for you
• It is only available in the PDF format and you need an internet connection to download it.

Shoot Ropes works magic and it has very awesome reviews. You can save a lot by buying it once and for all. It saves you the cost you incur every month buying supplements that do not work. If you are suffering in your sex life, it is time for change; time for Shoot Ropes.

Prostate Massage – Unravel The Magical Power!

The prostate is a gland with approximately the size and shape of a walnut, located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Guess what? It’s only found in males. This mysterious organ secretes an alkaline fluid that forms part of semen. Besides, this organ has been known to enlarge as you keep aging. Research has proven that prostate massage is linked to a couple of beneficial factors that contribute to its overall health. One known benefit of massaging the prostate is to ease the discomfort associated with an enlarged prostate. Prostate massage is also associated with improved bladder control and sexual performance. Well, without further ado, let’s look at three techniques that you can use to massage your prostate.

  1. Self internal massage

This method entails using your finger to massage your prostate. If you are flexible enough to insert your index or middle finger sufficiently into your rectum, you can opt for this technique. Before the procedure, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Clear your bowel,


  • wash your hands thoroughly,


  • remove edges on your fingernails, if any,


  • relax and get some privacy.

After that, assume the crawling position, with both your hands and knees touching the floor. Next, apply a jelly on your finger then insert it gently into your anus. No need to rush as this area is extremely sensitive. Search the round shaped gland, which you probably won’t have a problem finding. Once you’ve found it, massage it gently, while applying light pressure.

  1. Assisted internal massage

This technique entails the use of tools particularly designed for this procedure. These are probes that have rounded tips and graced with smooth surfaces. Such devices include drumsticks, dildo and special prostate massaging equipment. Before the procedure, ensure you thoroughly wash the probe with hot water, and clean it with a non-irritant disinfectant. After that, take a crawling position with your knees and hands touching the ground. Next, apply a jelly on the probe then insert it gently about 4 inches into your rectum then apply light pressure. You will probably encounter an intensely pleasurable sensation that might lead to an erection, which is perfectly normal. Keep applying gentle pressure as you pull the object about 2 inches out of the rectum and sliding it back in. make sure to repeat the process 6 to 10 times.

  1. External prostate massage

With this method, there is no finger insertion into your anus. Instead, it involves massaging the perineum, which is the area between your scrotum and your anus. Many men prefer this technique to the internal prostate massage which is deemed uncomfortable. Before this procedure, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water then clean them with a disinfectant. After that, assume the position you find comfortable and massage the perineum in gentle little motion. After all, it’s just as sensitive as the area inside the rectum. The last thing you want is creating unnecessary discomfort by rubbing the perineum carelessly.

Which is the best of the three methods?

All the three methods discussed above have almost equal satisfaction and achievement of desirable prostate health. However, if I were to choose, I would go with external prostate massage, as it’s more comfortable and more convenient. Nevertheless, I’ll conclude by advising you to go for what you think you are comfortable with.

The Best Cum Pills in The Market

According to statistics, Volume Pills have been rated the best pills in the market. They are made in such a way to increase cum volume and assist you to ejaculate big loads. They have been tested and proven to be safe for use. Volume pills are highly rated by most clients. They have existed in the market for a very long period of time. One single packet of volume pills contains sixty tablets. You are required to take at least two tablets in a day. Preferably, in the morning and evening.


1.Reishi mushroom.
Reishi is a fungus commonly used in making drugs. In this case, it helps to boost libido and increase the volume of the cum.
2.Cinnamon bark.
This component is known for aiding blood flow. Therefore, it will also enhance blood flow to the penis.
This will help you to gain huge and firmer erections.
3.Safflower flower.
This increases the quality of the sperms produced. They are also healthy.
4.Bitter melon.
Bitter melons are used because they boost the level of testosterone. This will automatically cause cum volume to increase.
5.Arjun bark.
It’s used because it increases the size and durability of the erection.
6.Fucus vesiculosus.
This is a seaweed which is commonly known for enhancing sexual activity.
It boosts sexual pleasure and will easily get you in the mood. This will give you a chance to enjoy to the maximum.
This helps to increase the volume of ejaculation, promote longer erections and boost testosterone level.
9.Zinc oxide.
This is the most popular component used in making in cum pills. This is because it boosts the level of testosterone and improves the quality of sperms.


These include but are not limited to the following:
1.Volume pills increase the volume of your cum. Hence, this will be able to boost your confidence level while making love.
2.Volume pills enhance sexual performance. Due to the prolonged erection, you will have an opportunity to enjoy more.
3.There’s no shipping cost charged when you purchase these pills.
4.They’re very effective because of the positive feedback from various clients.
5.They have no side effects because the ingredients are purely natural.
6.The regular blood flow to the penis causes huge and firmer erections. This will make you to last long and have the best sexual experience.
7.There’s a guarantee of getting a refund of your money when you cancel your order.


1.Volume pills are very costly. This makes it difficult for everybody to afford them.
2.Despite their effectiveness, you have to keep on using them for longer period. This is because the results don’t manifest immediately. Therefore, the probability of working depends on their usage.
Volume pills as the name suggests, have been proven to be the most effective and reliable cum pills in the market. The natural ingredients in these pills are known to boost the level of testosterone. This is very essential because it automatically increases the quantity of semen produced after ejaculation. Hence, this makes them to stand out in the market. They are safe to use and are not known to cause any side effects.Therefore, they are worth purchasing.The likelihood of failing to work is almost zero because fewer complaints are made by the clients.

3 Techniques to Cum Twice for Men

Is it possible for a man to cum twice? Definitely, the answer is yes. Though the majority of men will say this is a big lie. They argue that one will need about 30 minutes before they can recharge, while others suggest you take a week off so as to become super sensitive.

All these may work depending on how you have trained your body. Unfortunately, this will not give you the liberty to get it when you want it. As we earlier said, men, will require approximately 30 minutes to get recharged. This is very long considering that women don’t need this break and want you inside almost immediately. At this moment, you will definitely not want to embarrass yourself as a man. So before you get yourself in such a scenario, read and understand this article to the end.

Techniques to cum twice

There is only one powerful method that can help you to cum twice. This method is called a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Having to practice this method is the worst experience that you can imagine, but the fruits are sweet. This method requires one to have a continuous sexual act without ejaculating, this is achieved by holding back the cum once you feel it’s on the way. This will, therefore, eliminate the refractory period. Below are 3 techniques that will help you see the fruits of this method.

1. Practice kegel exercise
This exercise is not only for women, but can also be used by men to hold ejaculation. Here, you will need to find your pubococcygeal muscle which you will use for practice. This is the muscle that can hold the pee halfway. Once you locate it, contract and hold them for about 5 seconds, do this about 10 times a day.

2. Test yourself
After doing the Kegel exercise for a while, you will need to test yourself simply by masturbating. Be keen while doing this and once you feel you are about to cum hard, just contract the pubococcygeal muscle for about 5 seconds before you can relax. Try this severally until you feel that your power of holding back is working. This process can be disappointing at first, but with time you will be able to master this technique.

3. Practice with your wife/girlfriend
Come up with a creative excuse of why you want to do this. Tell her you have found a new skill that will give a better service, or even get a one night stand and try this out. This will be a great way to start your real experience. Fuck her hard, but remember to contract your muscle when about to cum to hold it back. Cum twice (hold back twice) before you can decide to release the prisoner, this will be good for both of you.

Final thought
Learning these 3 techniques will ensure that you have a healthier and lovely sex life with your partner. Keep in mind that you will require a lot of practice before you can complete hold back the cum and start afresh. This is a proven method that has worked for many.

How to Cum Like a Porn Star: How to Cum Hard and a Lot

mouth watering over loads of cumHave you ever watched a porn movie and you’re left wondering, “How can that guy shoot cum like that? Was that even real? Why can’t I do that? Well, you are not alone, most men out there are asking themselves the same questions. I can tell you that what you see on those porn movies is real and you can do it too. You just have to ensure your semen volume is high enough so that when you ejaculate, instead of dripping in drops, you will shoot *spurt* and *spurt* *spurt*… So, what are the right things you should do in order to increase your ejaculation volume and cum like a porn star? Here are a few tips.
1. Eat the right foods
I know you don’t want to hear this but fried, fatty and junk food is not going to help you cum like your favorite porn star. What you need is lots of water and essential nutrients like zinc, vitamins A, C & E, selenium and folic acid. These are the nutrients that help in producing large amounts of cum. Your diet should be comprised of foods like dark chocolate, eggs, bananas, green leafy vegetables, garlic and pumpkin seeds. They are rich in the nutrients that keep your reproductive system healthy thus facilitating the production of lots of semen and sperms.

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2. Take Supplements
Although you can get the essential nutrients from foods, consider taking supplements as well. Picking a supplement that contains all or most of the above nutrients will make it easier for you. You can also look for herbs that are known to increase semen volumes such as horny goat weed, gingko and Tribulus terrestris. These herbs have been used to increase the sexual potency of men for years.
3. Try the stop and go technique
You can release a large amount of cum with the stop and go technique. What you need to do is pull out when you are about to reach an orgasm, wait for the feeling to go away and then penetrate again. Do this as many times as you like. Make sure you pull out before reaching the point of no return. It is the point where you are so filled up you can’t help but burst. By stopping yourself from cumming, you will cum more and explode lots of jizz: click here for more tips on how to accomplish this!

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4. Practice Kegels
As we have seen above, the longer you delay yourself from cumming, the harder it will be when you finally come. Practicing Kegels makes your pelvic floor muscles strong enough to help you stop yourself from cumming for as long as you wish. Contract and release these muscles as many times as possible and you will have more control over your ejaculation. While you are lasting longer, your cum will build up and you will eventually cum hard.
5. Try volume pills
If the above methods don’t seem to work for you, you can use volume pills. These pills increase the volume of your semen and help you achieve a more intense orgasm. However, there are people selling pills that later cause you health complications. Be careful as you pick these pills and make sure they are sold by a reputable company.

Every man wants to have an intense orgasm at the end of the day. It is also true that women love guys who shoot lots of cum. And now that you have the tricks to help you cum like a porn star, go on and please your girlfriend.


3 Tips on How to be Better in Bed

For some men giving a woman a single orgasm is cause for celebration, especially if you can bring her to ecstasy within 15 minutes, but for some it is the order of the day. And any lady who can cum once can perhaps cross the line again and again. So what really makes the difference? It is biological gift-Men have to wait for a while for their guns to reload before they are ready for the next round, but women do not experience the same refractory period, they can experience their 2nd pleasure wave in less than a minute after the 1st one. However, just because she can orgasm once or twice, it does not mean she will automatically. You have to help her do it. So how do you help your woman become one of the few lucky ones?

First ensure that is what she really wants. Some women prefer cuddling rather than being pressured into a sex encore. Secondly, keep in mind that ladies differ on how they achieve orgasm. So even though there is no single road map, give a shot these tips on making a girl cum and orgasm hard and enhance your chances of doubling her pleasure wave.

3 Tips on How to Be Better in Bed

  1. Create Sexual Tension

Creating desire is an important precursor to any intimate activity. But building up lots and lots of sexual tension can just be what she really needs to achieve an orgasm. It is just like when you have been hungry for some hours and when you finally get food, you eagerly scoff it down. This will make her build and retain feelings of overall arousal and sex. So try teasing her often and early enough before the actual act. Send her naughty messages, engage in PDA’s or cop a feel under the dining table when taking dinner. By the time you two get to bed for fun, she will be extremely hungry. And remember not to overwork her nipples when you finally get down on her. Of course touching a woman’s breasts is obviously a good thing during sex, but just ensure you are doing it correctly. Do not head for her nipples immediately you start romancing. Just like the clit, the nipple loves attention and is very sensitive, but you do not want to over touch it. Instead concentrate on the top of her breast, just above the nipple. Then the bottom, sides, and ultimately her nipples. Most guys do not actually know that the top is usually the most sensitive part of a breast. So caress it, nibble it and lick it.

  1. Heat Things Up

Of course most guys know that they should indulge in foreplay first before the actual act, but not everyone knows what foreplay really is. Going straight for her clit is not foreplay, in fact most women prefer being aroused before you head there. So before you guys strip down and get to serious business, utilize your time properly. Caress her first and help each other strip. Kiss and explore each other’s sensitive parts of the body like her ears, inner thighs and neck. When women are aroused, their bodies actually change the way they feel a touch. So your lady is likely to get more pleasure and ecstasy from your touch if you warm her up first (Read: Revealed Lick Pussy Like a Sex God!).

  1. Compliment Her Goods and Go Beyond Her Clit

Studies have shown that ladies who are comfortable with their private parts, are not only more open to receiving oral pleasures, but they enjoy it more, orgasm more and they are just sexually positive all round. So next time you are going down on a girl talk to her, tell how sexy she looks, how nicely she tastes and feels. Whatever positive thing you say, it will benefit the game in the long run. Additionally, do not focus solemnly on her clitoris. For guys who are looking to go beyond and above, the anterior frontal zone (AFE) and the G-spot are the best places to begin. You can locate her G-spot a few inches inside her pussy, on the front wall. The Anterior fontal zone is also on the front wall (the belly button side) but a few inches behind her G-spot. Even though there is no scientific study to prove that the AFE are exists, it does not mean that it is not fun and pleasurable for some women. So for those who are looking for an important tip on making a girl squirt cum, and want to score some brownie points, your best shot for locating her hot zone, would be deep penetration sexual positions and deep fingering.