How to Cum Like a Porn Star: How to Cum Hard and a Lot

mouth watering over loads of cumHave you ever watched a porn movie and you’re left wondering, “How can that guy shoot cum like that? Was that even real? Why can’t I do that? Well, you are not alone, most men out there are asking themselves the same questions. I can tell you that what you see on those porn movies is real and you can do it too. You just have to ensure your semen volume is high enough so that when you ejaculate, instead of dripping in drops, you will shoot *spurt* and *spurt* *spurt*… So, what are the right things you should do in order to increase your ejaculation volume and cum like a porn star? Here are a few tips.
1. Eat the right foods
I know you don’t want to hear this but fried, fatty and junk food is not going to help you cum like your favorite porn star. What you need is lots of water and essential nutrients like zinc, vitamins A, C & E, selenium and folic acid. These are the nutrients that help in producing large amounts of cum. Your diet should be comprised of foods like dark chocolate, eggs, bananas, green leafy vegetables, garlic and pumpkin seeds. They are rich in the nutrients that keep your reproductive system healthy thus facilitating the production of lots of semen and sperms.

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2. Take Supplements
Although you can get the essential nutrients from foods, consider taking supplements as well. Picking a supplement that contains all or most of the above nutrients will make it easier for you. You can also look for herbs that are known to increase semen volumes such as horny goat weed, gingko and Tribulus terrestris. These herbs have been used to increase the sexual potency of men for years.
3. Try the stop and go technique
You can release a large amount of cum with the stop and go technique. What you need to do is pull out when you are about to reach an orgasm, wait for the feeling to go away and then penetrate again. Do this as many times as you like. Make sure you pull out before reaching the point of no return. It is the point where you are so filled up you can’t help but burst. By stopping yourself from cumming, you will cum more and explode lots of jizz: click here for more tips on how to accomplish this!

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4. Practice Kegels
As we have seen above, the longer you delay yourself from cumming, the harder it will be when you finally come. Practicing Kegels makes your pelvic floor muscles strong enough to help you stop yourself from cumming for as long as you wish. Contract and release these muscles as many times as possible and you will have more control over your ejaculation. While you are lasting longer, your cum will build up and you will eventually cum hard.
5. Try volume pills
If the above methods don’t seem to work for you, you can use volume pills. These pills increase the volume of your semen and help you achieve a more intense orgasm. However, there are people selling pills that later cause you health complications. Be careful as you pick these pills and make sure they are sold by a reputable company.

Every man wants to have an intense orgasm at the end of the day. It is also true that women love guys who shoot lots of cum. And now that you have the tricks to help you cum like a porn star, go on and please your girlfriend.


3 Tips on How to be Better in Bed

For some men giving a woman a single orgasm is cause for celebration, especially if you can bring her to ecstasy within 15 minutes, but for some it is the order of the day. And any lady who can cum once can perhaps cross the line again and again. So what really makes the difference? It is biological gift-Men have to wait for a while for their guns to reload before they are ready for the next round, but women do not experience the same refractory period, they can experience their 2nd pleasure wave in less than a minute after the 1st one. However, just because she can orgasm once or twice, it does not mean she will automatically. You have to help her do it. So how do you help your woman become one of the few lucky ones?

First ensure that is what she really wants. Some women prefer cuddling rather than being pressured into a sex encore. Secondly, keep in mind that ladies differ on how they achieve orgasm. So even though there is no single road map, give a shot these tips on making a girl cum and orgasm hard and enhance your chances of doubling her pleasure wave.

3 Tips on How to Be Better in Bed

  1. Create Sexual Tension

Creating desire is an important precursor to any intimate activity. But building up lots and lots of sexual tension can just be what she really needs to achieve an orgasm. It is just like when you have been hungry for some hours and when you finally get food, you eagerly scoff it down. This will make her build and retain feelings of overall arousal and sex. So try teasing her often and early enough before the actual act. Send her naughty messages, engage in PDA’s or cop a feel under the dining table when taking dinner. By the time you two get to bed for fun, she will be extremely hungry. And remember not to overwork her nipples when you finally get down on her. Of course touching a woman’s breasts is obviously a good thing during sex, but just ensure you are doing it correctly. Do not head for her nipples immediately you start romancing. Just like the clit, the nipple loves attention and is very sensitive, but you do not want to over touch it. Instead concentrate on the top of her breast, just above the nipple. Then the bottom, sides, and ultimately her nipples. Most guys do not actually know that the top is usually the most sensitive part of a breast. So caress it, nibble it and lick it.

  1. Heat Things Up

Of course most guys know that they should indulge in foreplay first before the actual act, but not everyone knows what foreplay really is. Going straight for her clit is not foreplay, in fact most women prefer being aroused before you head there. So before you guys strip down and get to serious business, utilize your time properly. Caress her first and help each other strip. Kiss and explore each other’s sensitive parts of the body like her ears, inner thighs and neck. When women are aroused, their bodies actually change the way they feel a touch. So your lady is likely to get more pleasure and ecstasy from your touch if you warm her up first (Read: Revealed Lick Pussy Like a Sex God!).

  1. Compliment Her Goods and Go Beyond Her Clit

Studies have shown that ladies who are comfortable with their private parts, are not only more open to receiving oral pleasures, but they enjoy it more, orgasm more and they are just sexually positive all round. So next time you are going down on a girl talk to her, tell how sexy she looks, how nicely she tastes and feels. Whatever positive thing you say, it will benefit the game in the long run. Additionally, do not focus solemnly on her clitoris. For guys who are looking to go beyond and above, the anterior frontal zone (AFE) and the G-spot are the best places to begin. You can locate her G-spot a few inches inside her pussy, on the front wall. The Anterior fontal zone is also on the front wall (the belly button side) but a few inches behind her G-spot. Even though there is no scientific study to prove that the AFE are exists, it does not mean that it is not fun and pleasurable for some women. So for those who are looking for an important tip on making a girl squirt cum, and want to score some brownie points, your best shot for locating her hot zone, would be deep penetration sexual positions and deep fingering.

How to Grow your Penis a Lot Bigger and Thicker

Are you deeply concerned about the thickness and size of your dick and worried that it may not be the right thickness or size? And you have you checked out various penile enhancement products promising to make your man bigger and wondering which one is the best? Perhaps you feel like some sellers and retailers are just exaggerating to get to you to buy their products. Do you want something easy and fairly simple and inexpensive to use? Here are some important techniques on how to get your dick a lot bigger and thicker.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

For many years, most men have been performing dick enlargement workouts (kegel, stretching and Jelqing) so as to increase their man’s size. This technique is more preferable than other penis enlargement techniques, because you will have total control and a number of options as you do the exercises. For these methods to work effectively, it is important that you do the exercises daily and stay determined and dedicated. You do not need to rush, just start slow and then build your way up a routine that can enhance your length and girth. This might take a lot of dedication, effort and patience. Additionally, the exercises should be done at least two times per day for a month. For you to experience appealing results, do it for multiple months even after you have already noticed a considerable change

Extension Devices

Extension devices can easily be bought online or at your local sex toy store. Although some cost a fortune and look ridiculous, do they really make your dick grow and should you expect results? Yes, the devices work as long as you are willing to put in some time, effort, dedication and using the right device. You should also know how to use it appropriately as this can help fasten the results. Just make sure you are using genuine and highly reputable devices like the Proextender, as you do not want to hurt your liitle man during the process. Patience and persistence is also key with these devices, do not expect results within days or weeks. Wait for a month or so.

The most notable aspect about dick enlargement pills is that you get results as fast as possible-sometimes within days. Similarly you do not need to buy any type of expensive devices and no need to spend time in the gym or doing exercises to get the right size. All you are required to do is take a pill or two every day and wait for the results. Of course nothing is 100% perfect and this technique has its own drawbacks too. There are some pills out there in the market that do not work at all. Similarly there are some fly-by- night companies that manufacture pills that are ineffective and will do absolutely nothing to your precious organ. No change in girth or size or even your libido. So during your search go for male enhancement pills that are highly recommended and look for a pill that contains all the ingredients necessary for penis enlargement. Check out if its endorsed by the respective regulatory bodies and find out if it has a refund policy.

Jean Beltran’s Valuable Sexuality Expert Advice

Jean Beltran is an expert in sexuality. She is a professional sexologist and also has a diploma in sex and relationship psychotherapy. Jean has been widely consulted and has also publishes numerous articles relating to sexuality in both local and International journals and newspapers. Below are some of the sensitive topics he has worked on.

Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction has been a thorny issue in many marriages. Jean Beltran argues that sex is meant to keep and stick couples together. He continues that if sex is not handled properly, the consequences can be severe and painful. These consequences are unfaithfulness, suspicion, and tension in relationship, divorce and even worst suicide. He gives the following tips as to how well sex should be resulting to orgasm by both the partners. He also outlines the do and don’t of sex.

Stop talking and concentrate

Many partners bother themselves with satisfying their lovers when making love. Jean reasons that this causes unnecessary interruption and loss of concentration. If partners can pay attention and concentrate, the end result can be better than what they are used to.

Give it all

The saying goes give and you shall receive. Partners should to stop hiding in their cocoons and think that their mates will guess and do exactly what they want. Jean points out that the logic is if you do something to your partner she’s more likely to reciprocate.


Action speaks louder than a word is the key word here. Observing your partner keenly during the intercourse can shed light as to whether she is enjoying or not. The sexologist Jean Beltran reasons that if the girl is making a forced face, then know that she is doing it to please you. But if she mumbles words and looks as if she’s fainted then know that your work is being appreciated.


Invite the power of battery into your bed. Investing in a vibrator sounds wiser and better than sexually starving your partner or loosing her to top performers.


This is known as an ego booster. Flirting has been known to ensure better performance. Jean reasons that the confidence that results from flirting makes one feel attractive. The more attractive one feels the better the sexual performance will be.

Tongue power

Don’t under rate the power of the tongue. This however should be done with some formula. Flatten your tongue and assume that you are licking an ice cream. The tongue should cover much surface area as possible. Do this first up and down and then sideways and it wouldn’t be long before she sobs like a baby.

Avoid sex mistakes

Jean Beltran also points that the sex mistakes needs to be avoided.
· Don’t assume to know what your partner wants. Ask or allow you’re self to be guided.
· Ensure you employ both physical and mental stimulation. Remember that men got stirred up by seeing while women fantasize very much to be aroused.
· Men should learn to be patient and take it easy. Men may get aroused in a flash of a second where as for women these needs to be a well rehearsed and planned event. Prepare her by kissing tenderly, holding hands and hugging her along the way.

Jean Beltran an expert in sexuality also deals with the following sex related issues.
· Impotence
· Prior and Post menopause stress
· Erectile dysfunction
· Infertility